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Empowering People Through Challenges & Change

“Dr. Mark Lerner is an extraordinary teacher and healer, caring deeply about the pain of others. 

His works are a road map toward recovery and a path away from unjust suffering.”



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Emotional Wellness


 • The United States spends more to treat mental disorders than any other 

         disease or medical condition. (Health Affairs: The Washington Post) 

       •  Depression is now the leading cause of disability in the world 

          (World Health Organization), and

       •  Suicide is the leading cause of injury death of Americans, surpassing 

          automobile accidents. (American Journal of Public Health)


While physical wellness is routinely addressed, emotional wellness, an awareness, understanding and acceptance of our feelings and our ability to manage through challenges and change, is often overlooked. 


Through his productions, presentations and professional services, psychologist Dr. Mark Lerner empowers

people with timely information, guidance, practical strategies and support.