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SESSIONS with Dr. Mark Lerner

Overcome & Become: Performed On Stage and Presented On-Screen

Distinguished “clients” enact unscripted SESSIONS from challenging times and elucidate how they harnessed their painful emotional energy to overcome and become who they are today.

In the groundbreaking series SESSIONS, Dr. Lerner takes a unique approach, embarking on a remarkable journey to capture the profound unscripted narratives of distinguished clients on film. His journey spans diverse settings, from the opulence of luxury hotels and the grandeur of state-of-the-art studios to the sanctity of private homes and the inspirational ambiance of venues—before performances. This approach, characterized by a deep sense of intimacy and reverence, reflects his commitment to honoring each individual’s unique story.

Accompanied by a skilled videographer, Dr. Lerner captures invaluable A-roll footage that reflects the rawness and authenticity of each individual’s unique journey as "clients" enacting unscripted SESSIONS from years ago. These are not just stories but genuine accounts of transformation—overcoming personal challenges and becoming who they are today.

By eliminating the extravagance of high-cost production, Dr. Lerner concentrates wholeheartedly on celebrated clients eager to share their stories. This minimalist approach ensures that the spotlight remains firmly on the clients and their transformative journeys, guaranteeing that their stories are told with the respect and attention they deserve.

In SESSIONS with Dr. Mark Lerner, viewers are invited to witness the power of transformation and celebrate the human spirit’s ability to overcome and become. It’s more than a series; it’s a testament to our strength and the beauty of becoming who we truly are.


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