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• Arrive late

• Ask too many questions

• Show feelings of anger if confronted

• Use profanity

• Try to present yourself in an overly favorable light

• Become confrontative

• Become agitated

• Assume the worst

• Be defensive

• Be guarded

• Be fidgety

• Sit slumped in your chair

• Be afraid to ask relevant questions

• Ask for the results of you evaluation

• Assume the evaluation is aimed at deterring you from become an officer

• Have visible piercings and tattoos

• Make excuses

• Make negative comments

• Treat the interview casually

• Focus on salary and job security

• Seem desperate for the job

• Chew gum or smell like cigarette smoke

• Bring a relative or friend to the evaluation

• Tell jokes during an interview

• Be soft-spoken

• Speak negatively about anyone

• Be aggressive

• Be overly talkative

• Make excuses or minimize transgressions

• Text or use your cell phone

• Fix your hair or rub your head or neck

• Sit with your arms crossed

• Wear cologne or perfume

• Try to overly impress the evaluator with questions

• Be overbearing or conceited

• Use poor grammar


Have you received notice of a proposed "PSYCHOLOGICAL DISQUALIFICATION?" (NOPD)

We are here for you. Contact Dr. Mark Lerner, Clinical, Forensic and Police Psychologist at (631) 385-7551 or Robert Kronenberg, Esq., NYPD Capt. Ret. for a FREE confidential telephone consultation (631) 234-4434 or (212) 776-1950.

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