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Focus on the IDEAL YOU

What would you be like if you were the “ideal you?” How would you speak to your family and friends? Would you smile and say “hello” to strangers? How would you respond when you made a mistake? What would enable you to feel happy? What kind of work would you do?

Remember that we’re highly suggestible during challenging times. And what we think about, what we focus on will become our experience. So consider the potential of focusing on the “ideal you” ... now!

Rather than being consumed with hurt, rehashing painful thoughts over and over again, choose to focus your thoughts on the way you would ideally like to be—how you would like to see yourself. Consider modeling yourself after someone whose qualities you like and admire.

People who perceive themselves as being very different from the way they would ideally like to be, are typically anxious, frustrated and in conflict. However, those who feel a sense of congruence, or likeness between the way they see themselves and their ideal self, tend to be happier and fulfilled.

Think about this. People who undergo a physical makeover begin with a vision, an idea of how they would like to look. Computer simulation can help them to see their new body. In the same way, begin by envisioning the way you would ideally like to be. And by focusing on this vision, by rehearsing it over and over again in your mind, you’ll move in the direction of becoming the ideal you.

One last thought. While it’s generally important for us to “enjoy the moment” and to “stay in the now,” a crisis compromises our ability to be okay in the present. Having a goal, a destination, a vision of how we would like to be gives us hope and a sense of control.

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